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Transform Your Body WITHOUT Having To Give Up The Foods You Love

99% Of People NEVER Get The Body They Want...

This is something I learned the hard way.

For years, my progress was at a stand-still.

I was putting in hundreds of hours in the gym and looking into the mirror year on year, trying to figure out why I looked EXACTLY the same as I did 12/24/36 months ago.

But, after being an online coach for over 5 years and winning multiple bodybuilding shows, KNOW the reason why.

I’m Jack, 👋 and I was always the skinny kid in school. Like many, I used to feel insecure about my body.

I couldn’t do a single pull upMy arms looked like spindly twigs. I was afraid to take my shirt off at the beach.

You probably have a similar story, whether you were overweight or skinny and weak, you probably had a moment where you realised enough was enough.

For me that moment came when I was 17…

I Spent The Whole Summer Watching Pumping Iron & Rocky!

I was captivated with amazing physiques like that of Arnold Schwartzenegger and decided to get my ASS in the gym.

To my surprise, NO ONE in that gym looked anything like Arnold!

It didn’t take long to find out why...

My first few years of lifting were an incoherent mess.

In the first 6 months I saw progress and “newbie gains”, but I had no idea what I was doing.

I would wander aimlessly from machine to machine, doing RANDOM sets of RANDOM weight

and eating RANDOM food the rest of the time.

And it was beginning to show...

Ready To TRANSFORM Your Body And Change Your Life?

6 Months In, My Progress Came To A Crawl...

I treaded water for over 3 years, spending thousands of pounds on gym memberships,

supplements, whey, muscle food, you name it...

Despite all my efforts, I was getting nowhere.

I felt like I was pushing a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back to the bottom.

Why does this happen to 90% of lifters?

Why doesn’t everyone in the gym have a physique like Arnold?


Things didn’t change for me until I understood this.

But by the time it clicked, I had another problem…


I was no longer a college student with all the time in the world. By this point, I had a job, a girlfriend and a ton of responsibility.

I knew that if I wanted to get a body that really stood out from the crowd, I needed to stick to a plan which was based on science.

But when I tried to find out exactly what I needed to do, I discovered a minefield of misinformation online.

On top of that, even if I had managed to get the right information, I was too busy and stressed out with everyday life to put together a plan and stick to it.

But I wasn’t going to give up, I was passionate about changing my physique.

So I kept going, and managed to get in somewhat respectable shape, but it was tough.

After a while, I didn’t have the expertise, motivation or accountability to take things to the next level.

I knew I had the potential to have the body I’d always wanted.

And I had a burning desire to step on stage.

But I knew in order to do that I had to get serious.

That’s when I decided to hire an online coach.

Ready To Invest In Your Physique And Self Confidence?

Having A Coach Changed EVERYTHING For Me...

On top of all that...I WON THE SHOW!

I was so blown away by the impact a coach could have on my life...

That I decided to dedicate my life to fitness, quit my job as an electrician and become a full time online coach .

Fast Forward 3 Years...

I have now helped 100's of people transform their bodies

Online Coaching Works For 3 Reasons

Reason #1  Expertise

If you type “how to lose fat” into google you will get 761 MILLION results.

Most of them are misinformed drivel, telegraph articles or outright scams.

Trying to figure out what to do on your own is stressful, time consuming and often leads youdown the wrong path.

I pride myself on using an EVIDENCE-BASED coaching approach, meaning everything I tell you to do is 100% backed by science.

If you were sick, would you google “how to get better” and try and figure it out on your own?

“Maybe I’ll try this drug”

“Maybe open heart surgery will work”

“Maybe I’ll just drink some green tea”

Of course not. You would go to the doctor, and that doctor would prescribe you a treatment based on their years of expertise.

So when it comes to transforming your body, why would you try and figure it out on your own?

Why not get help from an expert who can prescribe you the exact plan you need to get where you want to go?

Ready To Invest In Your Physique And Self Confidence?

Reason #2   A Tailored Plan Specifically For YOU

Most fitness programmes are cookie-cutter nonsense.

When I first started, I remember getting a muscle building plan off of

I followed the plan, but never got anywhere with it

So why didn’t it work for me?

Because it wasn’t MADE FOR ME .

Although the principles of building muscle and burning fat don’t change, the best way to implement them varies hugely from person to person.

That’s why when I write a plan, I make sure to learn about you as an individual.

What kind of food you likeWhat your exact goals are. How you like to train. Your job. Your social life. Your sleep. Your habits

All of the above have a profound effect on how you can get to where you want to go.

Here’s the thing.

Most coaches will put you on chicken and broccoli, have you doing hours of cardio everyday

and expect you to overhaul your entire life in the pursuit of your goal.

That’s not what a good coach does. My job is not to hijack your life.

It’s my job to look at your life as a whole, and see where we can make manageable adjustments that will make the biggest difference to your body in the long term, whilst still getting you big results in the short term.

Reason #3  Holding You  Accountable

Having a great plan means nothing if you don’t EXECUTE it.

That’s why we have weekly client to coach check-ins where I can track your progress using

specialised technology and stay up to date with how you’re doing.

If there’s a problem or a major change in your lifestyle, we can ADJUST the plan to make sure you can still accomplish your goal.

I’m also always available on Whatsapp if you have any questions, need help or are just having a rough day and need some help keeping up with the plan.

You don’t need motivation , you need accountability.

With A Coach In Your Corner You CANNOT Fail!

I know from first hand experience how downright disappointing it can be working out for years and not seeing progress.

But what’s worse is, every minute you spend in the gym without a clear plan backed by evidence and expertise is a waste of time and money.

Think about it.

How many hours have you spent in the gym in the last few years?

How much money have you spent on gym memberships, supplements, information equipment and one-off training sessions that go nowhere?

For me, before I got a coach, it added up to 1000’s of hours and 1000’s of pounds. 

Isn’t it time you stopped wasting your time and your money, and finally get the body you’ve always wanted?

If you’re ready to start your transformation, apply for coaching now.

See you on the other side

JACK - Your Transformation Coach.

PS. See below what Angelo, Nickolas and Tony have to say about me.

Ready To Invest In Your Physique And Self Confidence?

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